venerdì 2 maggio 2014

Projects day

Hello everyone! Sculpting duel time!

Today I've started working on a little model for a challenge with my Studio Colleague! Some days ago we've found an amazing artwork from google representing the Grim Reaper, and the first thing I thought was: "Let's sculpt it!"

The artwork is this one, from Lostprophetxtian but with some modifications. The terms of the challenge are:

1) The model has to represent the artwork.
2) The model has to be in 28mm scale
3) The model has to have a skull under the hood
4) There is no time term due to the challengers little free-time

So, today I've started working on the armature of the model and tried to do a decent skull

It's the first time I try to sculpt one of these, so I think I'll exercise a little bit more before going on with the model's head, but for now, the winner is the second skull!

So, the work is still very long, but I'll keep you updated on the sculpting progresses from me and my rival! See you the next post!

domenica 27 aprile 2014

Presenting the Warband: The Beasts of Decay, Skrull and the Flayed Dogs.

Hi everyone, fortunately I'm finding the time to restart publishing with the same frequency of before Easter! So let's continue with the presentation of my warband which will end with this post! In these days I'm starting to get interested in Warhammer Quest and I'm reading some rules and game mechanics and the temptation to adapt these rules to a mordheim battle is a real temptation. I think I'll realize some dungeon 3d tiles for some underground mordheim matches, mutating a skirmish battle in an incredible dungeon crawler!. MUAHAHAHA! Well, we'll see if the time that my thesis' lab will take will leave me the time to do all the projects that I've in mind (which are really a lot).

-The Beasts of Decay:

After the defeat of Groshnak by Kergal, and his joining in his warband, only two of his gors were saved. With their warchief still alive and under the leading of that incredible human with a minotaur's strenght, they could either die with their companions or join their fallen leader in a road that would take to decay of the body and of an already twisted soul. Walking along Kergal and his rotting retinue changed slowly the gors, the power of Nurgleth tempting them, mutating their flesh, corrupting their mind, transforming the gors in an absurd shape of their former self. Their will now broken, the two gors are only Nurgle servitors.

- Skrull:

One of Rothgar's experiments, Skrull is a mass of decaying muscles without brain or will. A creature that is pure instinct, without the control of the Seer. Noone but Kergal and Rothgar know who or what that bulky creature once was, the onlyn thing certain is that Skrull could easily crush bones and armours with apparently no effort and resist incredible pain, as he doesn't sense it at all.

- The Flayed Dogs:

Of the big warhounds pack that Lepros once had, only two, the stronger ones, resisted Nurgleth's corruption and therefore joined the warband. Full of horns and stings dripping venom, skin stripping from the cancrenous muscles, these hounds are a fearsome view and a deadly threat.

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Presenting the Warband: Lepros/ Nurgleth Puppets

Finally a new post on my blog! I'm sorry for being really late, but with Easter holidays and exams I couldn't find a minute to start writing this!
So, let's continue with the presentation of my warband with the last hero: Lepros, the Beastmaster of the warband and the first henchmen group, the Nurgleth Puppets!

- Lepros:

Lepros was once a great warrior, capable of killing a bear alone with his hatchet in no time. His strenght was not only in his muscles, but also in his great knowledge of the animals instincts and behaviours, making the huge marauder capable of hunting and killing animals without fail. He was one of the man of Kergal's original tribe and was known as the Beastmaster, for his ability to tame the ferocious and twisted warhounds tainted by the powers of chaos. Thanks to him, Kergal's tribe could count on a great and strong pack of wolves.
During his travel along Kergal, Lepros lost his left arm, that usually carried the whip that he used to spur his animals to attack, by a powerful blow from an enemy warrior, but father Nurgleth with the assistance of the seer Rothgar cured him, mutating his stump in an organic whip with three sharp nibs. 

- The Nurgleth Puppets: 

Not everyone of Kergal's tribe joined his warband when he devoted to Nurgle, some even tried to oppose him, inevitably failing. The Nurgleth Puppets are those who, after the betrayal, had their eyes and tongue removed and knotted, and had their mind subjugated to Nurgleth's will, transforming them in soulles puppets in Kergal's hands. 

giovedì 17 aprile 2014

Presenting the Warband: Groshnak One-Eye

The start of the campaign is near, and my marauders prepare for battle!
Today I'll present you Groshnak, the Pestigor champion of the warband! Althought an Onogal marauders' warband could have only humans in his ranks, I decided to insert models from the beastmen range to play them as humans, for a better division of the henchmen groups and to add that feeling of an horde to my warband.

- Groshnak One-Eye:

Beastmen are a proud and tribal race, just as the marauders, but with something more wildish. Groshnak didn't make an exception: he was the warchief of a gors clan, one of the fiercest in the north of the Great Wall, erected by the filthy humans ages ago. With his companions the great gor pillaged and devastated the little villages of the stupid men that stayed in his dominion, ravaging the camps, killing the mans and kidnapping the women to sacrifice them to the Gods. Moving in the north, Groshnak started to meet occasionally northmen tribes which attacked with rage, for they were human and they deserved it. Noone could withstand the power of his horde, until the day he met a man and his tribe:

"I was expecting you..."

Said the man, who must have been the chieftain of that warband, a colossus of meat and  pus, standing next to a bloated man dressed in capes covering two insectoid wings, after a magic attack from the second one melted the first ten gors that were assaulting them.
Then the Chieftain rose his rusted sword against Groshnak, saying loudly with a guttural voice:

"I'm Kergal, serve of Nurgleth, and today you will kneel to me, in surrender or in death!"

Groshnak gnashed his teeth in rage and with a waving of his hand signaled to his gors to stand apart, because now was betwenn he and Kergal.
With a slow laughter the man prepared to withstand his attacker, who came to him running in anger with his two maces prepared to strike.
When the blow came, the Chieftain didn't move, simply taking the hit that moved all his fat and decaying meat, continuing to laught, with his free hand, faster than Groshnak could think, he grabbed his harm, hurling him away with no effort, under the laughter of the marauders and the shouting from the beastmen. The warchief rose up growling, returning to attack. The battle continued for a long time, but all the damage that Groshnak dealt to Kergal simply made no effect at all, the man was always standing there laughting. At last, when Kergal bored of his little game, simply gutted with an incredibly strong blow the gor, saying to his man:

"Slash them all..."

All the gors fell that day, save for two of them that were left alive and taken as prisoners. Before the black of the death obscured Groshnak view, Rothgar, the seer, lowered to him, asking the same thing he once asked to Kergal:

"Do you want to live?"

From that day, the beaten gor was reborn in nurgle favour and joined his warband with his two survived gors, because this was Nurgle will, as told by the seer.

martedì 15 aprile 2014

Presenting the Warband: Rothgar the Bloated

Let's continue with the description of my warband's background, but first I would like to thank you all for watching my blog! I couldn't imagine that in less of a week I could have my blog visualized by more than 700 people! This makes me really happy and helps me to find the strenght to go on working!

But let's return in topic, I'll now present you the story of my nurgle seer, Rothgar the Bloated (a.k.a. Little Fairy in my group lol):

- Rothgar the Bloated:

Near Kergal's tribe, was rumored to be a fearsome sorcerer that lived lonely in a little hut hidden in a wood of rotting trees, performing experiments and foul rituals. Sometimes the strongest men from the North tribes tried to reach his house to take his head for the favor of the Gods, but even thought lots of marauders joined these quests, noone ever returned from that wood. It's told that for every man that entered the wood of the sorcerer, a new rotting tree was planted.
This warlock was a Nurgle worshipper from and old cult, the cult of Nurgleth and nobody knows that the trees that surrounded his little hut were not planted when someone entered the wood, but were actually the people who dared join his decayed realm, brutally disfigured in a moaning and rotting tree.
Rothgar was is name, and his appeareance was horrible as it was his dark magic. A bloated body full of buboes and rotting wounds, a deadly scythe in one hand and a pair of chitinous, bug-like wings on his back, too little to make him flight.
When Kergal was in his tent, body trembling for the fever, Rothgar showed up at the camp. The men of the tribe that attacked him, seeing the foul appeareance of the seer, were reduced to a bubbling mass of goo with a wave of his hand. After the first deaths noone interfered with his doings.
The Nurgle sorcerer walked by Kergal's tent and entered, bending down to ask Kergal a simple question:

"Do you want to live?"

All that Kergal was able to do was a suffering moan. The seer nodded solemnly and standing up walked slowly away from the tent, returning to his hut.
When the marauder rose up with his strenght renewed, the first thing he did was return to his saviour, searching his hut in the wood. The twisted trees bent upon his arrival, creating a safe path to the seer's house, moaning during his walk. He was waiting for him out of the little dwelling.
Rothgar said to Kergal that he was now a favorite of Nurglitch and that he should now be his champion, because the Plague God had great plans for him. He would battle in his name, bringing his gifts among the world, to the Throne of Chaos, because this was his destiny... but only if he proved worthy.
So the seer joined the marauder, he taught him the ways of his Master and guided him along the path of greatness, to the quest of the Throne of Chaos.

Well guys, see you the next time with the story of another member of my warband! =D hope you enjoied it!

Also, I've started a little competition against my MPM Studio colleague: each one of us has to make a sculpt from an artwork we found of the Grim Reaper. Keep reading us for all the progresses! =)

domenica 13 aprile 2014

Presenting the Warband: Kergal

The painting of the warband is going on a little slowly, thanks to my university exams and stuff, but I want to start presenting you the models, starting from the four heroes!
My Mordheim warband is called "The Sons of Nurgleth", a fiery group of sanguinious marauders from the Kurgan tribe that joins Tamurkhan and his host in the descent to the Great Cathay to find the Throne of Chaos. Every member has his own story and I want to briefly describe it to you! Let's start from the chieftain:

- Kergal the Flayed 

Kergal was born in a ferocious tribe of the north and in his youth has always proven to be a great warrior. One day, after an harsh battle against the rat-things that dwelled the mountains around the encampment, a little bruise in his arm, made probably from one of the skaven's rusted weapons, started to ache terribly, forcing Kergal to stay in his tent for the pain. After one day of extreme suffering, when his destiny was certain and the venom was slowly killing him, Nurgle met him, in an unusual way...
The day after the dying man rose from his tent with a renewed strenght and a foul smile, a mark on his chest.
The faith in Nurgle grants you lots of powers, but the price is big, the murderous trail that from that day Kergal brought after him left the marauder with a decayed and bloated body.
When Tamurkhan, the son of Kurgan, proclaimed himself as the heir of the Throne of Chaos, Kergal and his warband joined him, prepared to betray and kill the foul marauder in order to take his place on the Throne, all in the name of Nurgle. And with the start of my Mordheim Campaign, his story will be wrote...

See you the next post for the story of Rothgar, the Seer of the Sons of Nurgleth!

giovedì 10 aprile 2014

Painting news/ Project Sneak Peek

Hey there! Fourth post for this blog that is really motivating me to work in order to show you my minis and other things!
Today I've started a little and long term project that may one day lead to the possibility of my own personal minis production, the creation of some miniatures representing characters of gdr or related games! This is only a little idea born in my twisted mind after reading some Lovecraft short stories and I don't know if I'll really realize something like that, but nevertheless today I've took my graphic tablet and started drawing a generic character for a possible future miniature.

It's nothing special, but it's a beginning.

Talking about painting, I've started painting my warband chieftain's armour, but I think it's too blueish... I'll have to make the colour verge to a more greenish tone.

That's all for now! Time to go back to study!